why is there blood in my mucus , why is justice league in 4 3 reddit

Is it normal to have blood in your mucus?

Most of the blood comes from the area right inside the nostril, which is where most of the blood vessels in the nose are located. A small amount of blood in your mucus isn’t anything to worry about, but if you’re seeing large volumes of it, call your doctor.Feb 13, 2022

When should I be concerned about blood in my mucus?

Immediate action required: Call 999 or go to A&E immediately if: you’re coughing up more than just a few spots or streaks of blood. you’re coughing up blood and finding it hard to breathe, have a very fast heartbeat or have pain in your chest or upper back.

Why is Snyder Cut Justice League 4:3?

According to a British Cinematographer interview with cinematographer Fabian Wagner BSC ASC, Justice League “was shot 4-perf, framed in 1.85:1 aspect ratio, as Snyder wanted to get away from the Anamorphic look of the previous films.” So when we saw the theatrical cut of the movie, we saw a slightly smaller view than …Feb 28, 2022

Why is the Justice League 4:3 ratio?

Technically, those who have been paying attention amidst all the hubbub surrounding Snyder’s cut will know that Snyder originally shot Justice League in 4:3 format because the film initially was to be released in cinemas, more importantly, IMAX, which is better suited for 4:3 format.

Are movies filmed in 4:3?

And until the invention of wider formats, 4:3 was the standard definition on television sets. All to say, until new technology came about, 4:3 wasn’t an artistic choice. It was the only way to shoot a movie. Today, 4:3 is no longer a restrictive standard but a distinct, purposeful choice.Oct 15, 2021

Who discovered why the water is blue?

At that time, scientists believed the sea was blue because it reflected the colour of the sky, but Raman found that it was the water itself that caused blue light to scatter more than other colours in light. At that time Raman was a professor at the University of Calcutta.Feb 27, 2012

Why is water really blue?

“The ocean looks blue because red, orange and yellow (long wavelength light) are absorbed more strongly by water than is blue (short wavelength light). So when white light from the sun enters the ocean, it is mostly the blue that gets returned. Same reason the sky is blue.”Oct 21, 1999

Is water blue because of oxygen?

Most of the color you see this way is due to water impurities — even purified water has dissolved oxygen which can form very light blue complexes. Finally, even small particles of dust (which aren’t colored) in large volumes of “clear” fluids will have a bluish cast due to the physics of light scattering.

Why is water blue or clear?

People often mistakenly think that the sea is blue because it reflects the sky, but the truth is that pure water is very slightly blue. It is just so pale that in small quantities it appears clear. Water is blue because it absorbs red, yellow and green light, but scatters blue light.Oct 21, 2015

What do I do if my period wont stop?

Having long periods frequently can indicate one of several potential conditions, such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids. A doctor can help diagnose and treat these conditions. Often, taking hormonal birth control pills or switching the type of hormonal medication can help people find relief.Aug 19, 2019

Why is my bleeding not stopping?

Abnormal uterine bleeding is excessive menstrual bleeding or bleeding between periods. In most cases, the cause is not known. Known causes of abnormal uterine bleeding include polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, medication, infection and some forms of contraception.

What’s bad about inflation?

In an inflationary environment, unevenly rising prices inevitably reduce the purchasing power of some consumers, and this erosion of real income is the single biggest cost of inflation. Inflation can also distort purchasing power over time for recipients and payers of fixed interest rates.

Why is inflation good and bad?

While high inflation is generally considered harmful, some economists believe that a small amount of inflation can help drive economic growth. The opposite of inflation is deflation, a situation where prices tend to decline. The Federal Reserve targets a 2% inflation rate, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Why market has been down?

The stock market has had major whiplash this year. Geopolitical tension in Europe, rising fuel prices, supply chain issues from Covid-19 variants, and trillions of dollars pumped into the economy over the past two years are all contributing to what investors are dealing with now.3 days ago

Should I buy when the market is down?

If you’re ready to invest and don’t need the money for at least five years, then yes, jump in. Even when the market has lows — and 2022 has been full of them — if you’re invested for the long term, you’ll have time to recover losses.

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